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The twelve rooms and suites come with bathrooms that are both comfortable and highly original. All rooms have views over the 100-hectare park that surrounds the château on all sides.  They all have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, free WI-FI, a minibar and a hairdryer.

Low Season (BS) : from the 1st of january until the 30th of april and from the 1st of october until the 30th of december

High Season (HS) : all saturdays, and bank holidays AND FROM THE 1ST OF MAY UNTIL THE 30TH OF SEPTEMBER ALL WEEK. 

Weakly closed Hotel & Restaurant : all sundays and mondays form the 1st of october to the 31st of march -  

Annual closed 2012 : From the 18th of november to the 29th of november included and from the 8th of december to the 25th of december 2012 included


BS 120 € - HS 140 €
2012 : BS 125 € - HS 145 €
Mademoiselle de l’Aigle (1st floor) : “Napoléon III” decor
Diane de Poitiers (1st floor): A green room decorated in a refined style. Double bed or two separate beds. Ensuite bathroom with bath.
Belle au bois dormant (2nd floor) : With a superb view over the Courtineau valley, this room is named after the story that it brings to life and because of its extremely romantic decor.  With a spacious bathroom in the château’s highest room.
Balzac Suite (2nd floor): A superb room with a lounge dedicated to reading and writing; bathroom with shower.  The small lounge can be fitted with two single beds.

BS 130 € - HS 155 €
2012 : BS 135 € - HS 160 €
 Ronsard (2st floor): A superb room whose bathroom with visible beams includes a balneotherapy shower within one of the château’s towers
Gabrielle d’Estrées (1st floor): this romantic room has a silk canopy fixed over the bed, a bathroom with an old-fashioned bath and a view over the 200-year-old cedar trees outside.

BS 150 € - HS 175 €
2012 : BS 155 € - HS 180 €
Descartes (1st floor): Magnificent blue and ochre room with a canopy over the bed and a chequered bathroom with bubble bath.
Rabelais (2sd floor): With a vineyard-themed decor - Canopy over the bed and a royal bathroom with a bath equipped for balneotherapy.
 Jeanne D'Arc (2nd floor): Room with century-old beams.  Bathroom with an jacuzzy bath and a 360° mirror takes up the whole of one of the château’s towers.
Henry IV (1st floor): The most “lordly” of our rooms, with a four-poster bed and a royal bathroom that has a bath equipped for balneotherapy and a stone ogive.

2011 FROM 235 TO 290 €UROS
2012 BS 245 € - HS 269 €
Richelieu Suite (1st floor)
2011 : 235 € BS - 260 € HS
A majestic 60m² suite in cardinal red with a turret decor, old-fashioned windows and some remarkable paintings.  The suite has a four-poster bed with a small, separate lounge (which can be converted into a second bedroom for a supplement) and a bath equipped for balneotherapy.
Charles VII Suite Prestige
2011 : 250 € BS - 290 € HS 
Suite in the 13th century tower.
A majestic suite that combines charm and intimacy; a lounge (with fireplace) whose putlogs reflect its origin as a pigeon loft; upstairs bedroom with king-size bed (2m x 2m) with canopy; old-fashioned bathroom decorated with frescos.  The Charles VII Tower is independent with a fireplace for the winter and a gloriette and terrace for the summer.