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The elegant Château de Brou, whose architectural merits are enhanced by the greenery that frames it, was built in 1475 by François de Gébert, Lord of Noyant.  In 1997, it became the property of the Girault family.  Emilie & Pierre Moricheau, their children and fifth generation of Hotel buisness manager manage the hotel rataurant.

In accordance with the wishes of its new owners, the Château was restored to its former glory in terms of its artistic and historical appeal, and it was additionally endowed with the level of comfort that a 21st century guest might appreciate during their stay here.  The very best builders and craftsmen worked together on a full and beautiful restoration of the château.


Le Château de BROU

Intérieur du Château de BROU à l'époque
 Noteworthy are the tapestries woven in accordance with cartoons of the ancestors of the renowned Antoinette Rose de Tours; the silks and fabrics by the famous artists Frey, Braconnier and Lemanach; lighting of the grounds by Pierre Bideau, a lighting specialist whose reputation extends past our borders; a superb little chapel with organ dating back to 1864; windows signed by the glass artist Lobin in 1868; and an equipped and identically reconstructed dovecote.-

Each bedroom a homage to the historical figure from whom it takes its name.

Tucked away in the midst of a 100-hectare forest that completely surrounds it and hides it from view, the Château de Brou overlooks the Manse and Courtineau valleys.  The Château has been open as a hotel since 1998, and is a place of rest and harmony.  

It is the jewel in the crown of the Châteaux Hotels Collection and the Relais du Silence chain.